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1 Dec 2016

The chemical characteristics of water in the Oratunga Area, Central Flinders Ranges, South Australia have been used to evaluate and determine the processes controlling water chemistry in addition to the sources of ions. The isotopic analysis results show that the groundwater is mainly meteoric. Based...

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1 Jan 2016

Complementary medicines have associated risks which include toxic heavy metal(loid) and pesticide contamination. The objective of this study was to examine the speciation and bioavailability of lead (Pb) in selected complementary medicines. Six herbal and six ayurvedic medicines were analysed for: (i) total heavy metal(loid)...

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12 Feb 2015

This study investigated whether an Earth Systems-based course focused on raising postgraduate students' awareness of sustainability, from a systems-thinking perspective, would produce graduates with commitment to drive the sustainability agenda forward with a broad perspective. It investigated students' pre and post-course perceptions of sustainability using...

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15 Apr 2014


This study investigated whether a course which focused on raising students' awareness of sustainability, from a balanced perspective, that is, one which gives equal consideration to the social and economic aspects as well as the environmental would produce graduates with the knowledge...

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