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Using ICT to enhance curriculum opportunities for students in rural and remote schools

15 Dec 2010

South Australian rural and remote schools have been using a variety of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enhance curriculum opportunities for students whose teachers are at a different campus or different school, or who are out of the school for extended periods of time undertaking courses, such as, Vocational Education and Training (VET). A case study approach was used to identify the strategies that have been implemented by the teachers and to examine the perceptions of students and teachers about the success of these strategies in supporting the learners in a sustainable manner. Some of the strategies that were used to connect the learners and teachers were: (i) video conferencing and interactive whiteboards (IWB) to conduct classes in real time at a local and remote school, (ii) using Moodle as a means of making class material available when and where the student needed it and (iii) connecting to remote sites to do a virtual visit.

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