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Overview of technology products for the beef industry of remote Australia

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The technology currently available to beef producers of remote Australia can play a numbers of roles in the management of cattle properties. Of the 60 technology products listed here, 33 are currently available for use by beef producers. Unfortunately, the authors were not able to explore the number of users or how they use these products due to the products being commercially available. The majority of commercially available products were those that related to pasture management. The pasture technology products described in this working paper enable beef producers to monitor and manage their pasture quantity and quality. Some require refinement or roll out in more regions of remote Australia. The animal technology product space is where significant research and development is occurring to take prototypes of technology to commercial reality. If successful, these products could decrease operating costs and improve productivity of beef production. A particular area of opportunity for future work is in the remote management of cattle where there are currently only two organisations in Australia developing new products. Of the three other technology products listed as available to beef producers, only Telstra’s 3G network is not broadly available across remote Australia. The trend worth noting among all of these products is their aim to increase the precision in the management of beef production on extensive and isolated properties. Products such as the FeedFlo and FeedPlan Pro highlight how much precision can be brought into management and they offer a possible future direction for other service providers operating in this space. The final test of these technology products is how beef producers embrace them and use them in the management of their businesses.

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