Working paper

Monitoring and evaluation methodologies for remote settings: a literature review conducted in 2010


This report presents key finding of research about monitoring and evaluation methodologies for which Ninti One has been contracted by FaHCSIA. It also provides recommendations and advice on the subject.
The analysis and recommendations draw on the experience of Ninti One and the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre (DKCRC) in the field of community-based research, project design and planning as well as our knowledge of the perspectives of business, government and community members on remote services and programs.  

Having surveyed the literature and compared the options available, it is apparent that there are three components of a model for monitoring and evaluation of remote services that could apply to the work of FaHCSIA in this field. To bring together and summarise the findings of this research, the report concludes with two diagrams:

1. A conceptual outline of the three levels of a potential monitoring and evaluation framework for remote services to meet the aims of FaHCSIA’s work in this field. The diagram is annotated with brief explanatory notes and references to the content of the report. 

2. A summary table that focuses on the application of the various research methods, tools and techniques described in the report (that is, focusing on the content of the third level of the first diagram and not including M&E frameworks and principles).

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