Annual Report

This Choosing Wisely Australia report details their achievements since launching last year. The report argues that there is a strong appetite in the community for better conversations about the appropriate use of tests, treatments and procedures. More and more people are engaging in the concept of ‘more is not always better’ when it comes to healthcare.

Choosing Wisely is a global social movement aimed at supporting conversations between health professionals and consumers about the appropriate use of healthcare tests, treatments and procedures. Employing a ground-up approach driven by Australia’s health professionals and their specialist colleges, societies and associations, Choosing Wisely puts consumers firmly at the centre by identifying and reducing practices that are not evidence-based and potentially could cause them harm.

Their surveys with health professionals and consumers identify some of the drivers contributing to unnecessary care. The results highlight a potential gap between the aspirations and actual behaviours of both consumers and health professionals regarding appropriate healthcare.

There are also contrasting opinions between health professionals and patients as to why unnecessary care happens, highlighting the need for better understanding through improved communication.

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