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Giving Australia 2016: philanthropy and philanthropists

Report series commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Social Services

5 Apr 2017

While philanthropy is by no means the preserve of the wealthy, in an era when an increasingly disproportionate share of assets is accruing to the relative few (OECD 2011; Elliott 2015), wealthy individuals and families have become increasingly important. 

This report presents the findings of Giving Australia 2016 on philanthropy, with a particular focus on monetary giving by philanthropists and by philanthropic institutions including trusts, foundations and evolving forms of collective giving. It draws on various sources of data collected across Australia throughout the Giving Australia 2016 project. 

The core features of the research for this particular report were: 

  • a review of previous research
  • a total of 11 focus groups and 29 interviews with people and organisations active in philanthropic grantmaking
  • an online survey of philanthropists and foundations with 105 final valid responses, and
  • relevant information from the telephone survey of Australian households (captured more fully in the Individual giving and volunteering report). 
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