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Technical report

Conservation values of state forests: assessment report


This report describes the assessment carried out by VEAC of conservation values of state forests in the four regional forest agreement areas in eastern Victoria. The approach taken for this assessment was to add value to the substantial existing knowledge of biodiversity and ecological values in the state forests of eastern Victoria. VEAC utilised the best available biodiversity data for this assessment and commissioned additional specialist modelling and spatial analysis expertise. The results of the analyses illustrate the complexity in assessing the biodiversity and ecological values of the assessment area. VEAC’s recent stocktake of public land uses and values in its discussion paper for the Statewide Assessment of Public Land is a timely and useful adjunct to the material presented in this assessment report, particularly for the requirement in these terms of reference to report on public land use and management. This is the first assessment we have completed under amendments to the VEAC Act in 2016 that allow the Minister to request VEAC to provide advice or conduct assessments in addition to conducting investigations. VEAC was not required to provide recommendations in this report. The assessment is an independent input to the information base for government in its consideration and decision making about native forests in eastern Victoria.

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