In December 2016 FMA commissioned Colmar Brunton to carry out research among people who are nearing retirement age, or who have recently retired. This research is designed to help FMA learn more about the financial decisions that people make when they retire.

Key outtakes

  • Three-quarters of respondents aged 60-74 have looked for information or advice about their retirement. Of those nearly four in ten had been to a professional financial adviser. This equates to 29% of the total sample population who had seen a professional financial adviser.
  • One quarter of people have not looked for information or advice about retirement.
  • Those who sought information or advice more than 10 years before retirement are most confident about their financial preparedness.
  • Advice from a professional financial adviser is the most common source of information. Four out of five respondents who have seen a professional financial adviser say that it has helped them make better financial decisions.
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