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Discussion paper

6 Nov 2018

Every 4.42 minutes, there is a care and protection notification in New Zealand. This paper discusses the context of family violence and uses findings from current research to prompt informed reflection, arguing that prevention of family violence in New Zealand is possible.


11 Sep 2018

This report aims to present a high-level perspective on what would be needed to achieve meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and greater offsets, in the agricultural sector. It also identifies gaps in knowledge or other barriers that need to be overcome if agriculture is...

Policy report

3 Aug 2018

This report has been provided in response to a request by the Ministry of Health in April 2017 to the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, Sir Peter Gluckman, and the Royal Society Te Apārangi, to review the health benefits and risks of folic acid fortification...

Discussion paper

12 Jun 2018

This is a discussion paper with the purpose of using findings from current science to prompt informed reflection on issues related to youth justice in New Zealand.


29 May 2018

The extensive publicity surrounding methamphetamine contamination, along with exaggerated claims about the health risks posed by living in dwellings where residues of the drug can be detected, has led to considerable concern especially amongst tenants, landlords, and potential home buyers and property investors.

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