The condemnation of ISIS by the Qur'an and legal prohibition is absolute: so why keep blaming Islam?

23 Nov 2015

There has been relentless media criticism of Islam and Muslims since the terrorist attacks in Paris last week.

Since then, we have heard of an increased level of physical and verbal abuse hurled at Australian Muslims. We have been overwhelmed by calls from parents complaining that their children had been harassed at schools since the Paris bombings.

We are constantly asked to justify terrorist acts committed by groups such as ISIS.

Murder is a crime; terrorism is a crime - as Muslim leaders, we condemn both. And in a previous article (7) I said that we will not apologise for the crimes of ISIS or any other criminal killing in the name of Islam.

ISIS has killed more Muslims than non-Muslims, and I along with thousands of other scholars, including the Grand Mufti of Australia, have condemned its acts as criminal and not Islamic.

But for some reason, this is never enough.

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