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Technical report

Detailed core technical infrastructure specification: architecture overview

31 May 2014

This AURIN Technical Report #4 document provides an updated specification of the AURIN Core Infrastructure as operationalized at end of May 2014. It is an updated version of the previous Technical Report (TR3, 2013). This document details the technical components of the AURIN e- Infrastructure and how they have evolved/been refactored in the Beta 4 release of the AURIN Portal (delivered in March 2014). Importantly we focus on those aspects of the e-Infrastructure that have arisen as part of the “hardening process” of the AURIN work. As with previous technical reports (TR2, 2012 & TR3, 2013) we note that the e-Infrastructure continues to evolve, both through additional functional requirements demanded by the user community, from the various lens subprojects associated with AURIN, and the evolving technological landscape.

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