Funding for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art centre peak agencies: an examination of the funding environment, 2004–2013

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Peak agencies have received $39.5 million in funding from State, Territory and Federal Government sources in the decade from 2003/04 to 2012/13. This is around 24% of total funding to the sector. Peak agencies auspice funding on behalf of art centres; outside of these auspiced funds, peak agencies have received $26.5 million for operations and core activities. This is around 16% of total funding to the sector. Government funding has accounted for an average of 97% of peak agency core income in the decade to 2012/13. Of this, 73%, or $19.3 million has been provided by the Federal Government. State and Territory funding averages 24% of peak agency core income, though this funding has almost tripled over the decade from $0.3 to $0.9 million per year. The primary funding to peak agencies is through the IVAIS program, which has provided 54%, or $14.4 million, of their total operational funding. IVAIS is the same funding program that supports the operations of almost all remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art centres. The cost to the IVAIS program of funding peak agencies has increased over the decade to 2012/13, from 14% to 24% of its annual budget. This is at a time when the number of both art centres and peak agencies in remote Australia has been increasing.

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