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Policy report

Decentralized renewables: from promise to progress

4 Apr 2017

Historical approaches to energy and development are out of date and out of time. Achieving universal energy access by 2030, as envisioned in Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7), will require a thoroughly different approach that focuses on radically accelerating access to energy at the country level through decentralized renewable energy (DRE). In many countries, policy bias favoring grid-centric, fossil fuel approaches is holding back access in rural areas where the vast majority of the energy impoverished reside. Instead, national governments must focus on expanding electrification through the best available options, including decentralized renewable products and services—and adopt policies that can speed DRE adoption. This paper provides evidence that specific policy actions, if implemented in each energy-impoverished nation, can accelerate the organic growth of a DRE market and help deliver power to all before 2030.  

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