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According to the 2001 Census, approximately 61,463 people reside in caravan parks, an increase of about 6,263 people compared to the 1996 ABS Census. Three distinct sub-groups can be identified as using caravan parks. They include: many older people who have chosen caravan park living as their primary form of housing for a range of reasons that suit their lifestyle; people who have to travel with work and do not wish to tie themselves to any one location; people who have few housing alternatives available to them. The latter group are typically not their of their own preference, but rather out of sheer necessity. This includes people on low incomes and others who for various reasons are unable to access other forms of housing either in the private, public or community housing sectors. Most people living permanently in caravan parks, either as a lifestyle choice or as a last resort, live in very basic conditions with minimal facilities and locational amenity compared to conventional forms of housing.

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