The findings of the 2017 Rental Affordability Snapshot show that for people on low incomes housing options in the private rental market are extremely limited, and that the chances of finding a place that could be called home are even worse. Combined with the lack of community and public housing options, the unaffordability and inadequacy of housing in the private rental market calls for fundamental changes to how we intervene to ensure a home for every Australian.

Our key recommendations to make homes available to people on low incomes are:

· Adopt a housing first approach to ending homelessness.

· Increase funding for public housing and community housing by rebooting the National Affordable Housing Agreement, radically increasing transparency so its goals can be tracked and are delivered.

· Create a National Affordable Housing Finance Corporation, modelled on the successful UK entity, to leverage government guarantees and bond aggregation for more investment in community and affordable housing.

· Wind back negative gearing and capital gains tax exemptions, and redirect funds saved into public and community housing.

It is also vital that people are able to make a home where they live. Making renting fairer, more secure and more acceptable is an essential part of ensuring every person in Australia has a home.

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