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These single page community profiles are based on a project  from 2012, when the National Judicial College of Australia, through its National Indigenous Justice Committee, funded a project to create a resource that could be used to inform courts and lawyers about many of the distinct Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Queensland. A committee of judges and magistrates in Queensland worked together on the project, which was produced by and for each of the courts. This resource is now available for any organisation, including government departments, non-government organisations, private organisations and businesses.

The Committee consisted of Justice Roslyn Atkinson from the Supreme Court, Justice Berna Collier from the Federal Court of Australia, Justice Colin Forrest from the Family Court of Australia, Judge Michael Shanahan from the District Court, Judge Stephen Coates from the Federal Circuit Court and Magistrates Jacqui Payne and Wendy Cull from the Magistrates Court of Queensland. The project was done in collaboration with the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) in particular Wayne Briscoe and Marjorie Weber. The funding was used to employ a skilled Indigenous lawyer, Trudie Broderick BA, LLB, LLM who prepared the documents.

The original documents were reviewed in late 2016 and have now been converted into web pages. Each web page profiles the history and contemporary circumstances of many different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Queensland as diverse as from Coen to Palm Island to Cunnamulla. The judges and magistrates respectfully acknowledge the contribution made by each community to the creation of this body of work.

The original documents were launched by the Chief Justice of the High Court, the Honourable Robert French AC, in the Banco Court of the Supreme Court of Queensland on 2 August 2013. Download the speech delivered by Chief Justice French AC at the launch.The new streamlined version was launched on 31 October 2016, with the support of Justice Roslyn Atkinson and Judge Michael Shanahan.


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