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13 Feb 2017

If like us you’re always hunting for useful resources on the effective use of evidence, then have a look at these reference documents. In recent years there has been a welcome increase in the publication of this guidance material and, as we receive loads of...

Discussion paper

12 Apr 2016

The Alliance for Useful Evidence has joined forces with the Wellcome Trust, the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, and the EPPI-Centre at University College London (UCL) to uncover the evidence on what works to enable research use.

This discussion paper gives an introduction to,...


18 Jan 2016

This practice guide from the Alliance for Useful Evidence and Nesta's Innovation Skills Team, has been created to help you use research evidence to improve your work.

Research evidence can help you understand what works, where, why and for whom. It can also tell...

Briefing paper

7 Dec 2013

Systematic reviews provide a vital tool for policy makers and practitioners to find what works, how it works – and what might do harm. Whether it is policing, teaching, social care or any other area of social policy, reviews can inform us about what is...

Discussion paper

30 Sep 2013

Government and public service delivery is taking place in a changed world. A significant level of social, economic and political activity is now happening on the internet. As people buy and sell goods, search for information, browse the web and share their day–to–day experiences with...

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