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10 Jun 2016

Despite some success in recruiting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to the Australian Public Service (APS), the long-term trend is one of declining representation. A fundamental issue is that rates of separation among Indigenous public servants remain consistently greater than those of their non-Indigenous...


29 Apr 2015

Examines the results of the latest ANUpoll on Australian attitudes towards 'what it means to be Australian'.


National identity and what it means to be ‘Australian’ regularly influence the political and public debate in Australia, but they are not always clearly...


12 Aug 2013

This poll contributes to the ongoing debate about electoral reform by examining how the public views the act of voting, the funding and integrity of elections, minority government and political representation generally.


6 May 2013

This monograph presents trends in Australian public opinion on politics over an extended period of time.


30 Apr 2010

This lecture examines commonalities in the learning of art and science, the role of language in such learning, and the extent to which focused observation has been central to understanding and engaging in both art and science and language learning across cultures.

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