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22 Nov 2010

Art-Youth-Culture: FYI was an Irish Arts Council initiative which brought together more than 60 young people between the ages of 15 and 23 to discuss their participation in cultural life and the arts with their peers and key policy-makers during three days of arts-based workshops,...


4 Oct 2010

In order to support the arts sector in developing its thinking and practice as well as to inform its own work over the coming years, The Irish Arts Council has developed this policy and strategy for cultural diversity in the arts.

The policy...


24 Jul 2008

This report focuses on arts-in-education provision in Ireland and makes five key recommendations to improve such provision. Arts-in-education involves artists of all disciplines (theatre, dance, visual arts, literature, music, film etc) visiting schools to present work and to engage in both short and long-term projects...


23 Apr 2008

The Cultural Cinema Consortium, a strategic partnership between the Arts Council and the Irish Film Board, commissioned this report in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the digital cinema environment and to inform policy development in this area into the future. The report details...


6 Dec 2007

The Arts Council currently provides revenue funding to ballet companies and supports individual dance artists working in ballet. Dance artists may also be funded by the Arts Council through its allocation to local authorities. The decision to commission a study was set in the context...

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