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14 Mar 2013

This lecture examines the pressure on philanthropic organisations to provide quantifiable short-term impact measurements.

It is often said of private donors and non-profit actors that social impact is not something they set out to measure –– it’s something they set out to make. Along...


16 Oct 2006

In his 2006 Stegley Lecture Irving Saulwick argues that there are two social tectonic plates operating in Australia. They coexist, sometimes, occasionally, live in harmony with each other, and sometimes cause tension at their interface. The first we will call the 'Consequences of Change and...


5 May 2005

In late 2004 the Centre was commissioned by the Petre Foundation to write a report comparing giving by wealthy Australians with that of their counterparts in other places. Denis Tracey and Christopher Baker found that, in general, the wealthy in Australia are not contributing as...


6 Sep 2004

Although more and more companies have acknowledged the desirability of some sort of community involvement, there remains a lively debate on the themes of what? how? and, above all, why? Michael Liffman and Dennis Tracey examine these questions.

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