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26 Jul 2018

This strategy document sets the course for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to respond effectively to the region’s changing needs. Under the strategy, the ADB will sustain its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty and expand its vision to achieve a prosperous, inclusive, resilient and sustainable...


27 Apr 2012

This publication consolidates the highlights from several recent ADB technical assistance studies that relate to improving disaster risk management and water resources management in the China.

The studies provided good references for examining how the PRC could holistically and simultaneously address its issues of...


5 Apr 2012

This report marks the conclusion of an ADB-financed technical assistance project launched to generate policy responses to migration stimulated by climate-related factors. It represents the first significant effort to identify policy and other responses to impacts of environment events on human mobility within the Asia...


30 Sep 2011

The Pacific island governments view climate change as a priority issue, especially in terms of its potential impacts on food security, and need clear directions in addressing both issues.

This ADB report describes the present state of food security and its contributing factors in...


15 Jul 2008

The Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has demonstrated a strong commitment to conserve energy, resources, ecology and the environment; and enhance institutional capacities for sustainable development. It has also emphasized the intent to adopt fiscal and taxation systems that are conducive to...

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