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11 Jul 2011

This is the Australian Government's response to the Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness.

The purpose of this document, entitled An Effective Aid Program for Australia, is to outline the Government's response to the Independent Review and set out the Government's overall aid strategy through...

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17 Dec 2010

This project aimed to = estimate the prevalence of diabetes among adults aged ≥40 years in Fiji, and determine the demographic characteristics associated with this diagnosis.


1 Apr 2008

Pacific Economic Survey 2008 is the first of a series of annual surveys that will provide an overview and update of economic developments in the Pacific island region and Timor-Leste. Each survey will also include separate chapters on particular issues of importance to the region....


18 Apr 2007

The main aim of this research was to study the effectiveness of the processes to develop elementary syllabuses and locally developed support materials including consultation and trialling processes in Papua New Guinea.The main aim of this research, conducted by the Research Team at the Faculty...


18 Apr 2007

This study investigates New Zealand's experience with migration from Pacific countries. It updates a similar study by the same two authors in 1995. The report begins with a literature survey on the relationship between development and migration in the Pacific. It then provides an overview...

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