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13 Mar 2012

Over less than a decade, we have witnessed a seismic shift in the way knowledge is produced and exchanged. This is opening up new opportunities for civic and community engagement, entrepreneurial behaviour, sustainability initiatives and creative practices. It also has the potential to create fresh...


1 Jan 2010

The new paradigm of local and regional development emphasises the identification and mobilisation of endogenous potential, that is, the ability of places to grow drawing on their own resources, notably their human capital and innovative capacities. This approach aims to develop locally-owned strategies that can...


2 Mar 2009

Sydney operates as a significant location, but not as a global centre, for the vast majority of foreign multinational companies. Self-sufficient and largely stand-alone, Sydney operations of multinationals are essentially local implementers, rather than regional or global innovators for their parent companies. But, Sydney is...


15 Jan 2009

This project seeks to understand the transformative power of innovation by exposing the hidden intricacies of individuals, their networks and their interactions – the human dimensions of innovation.The latest research project from the Australian Business Foundation delves into the human kaleidoscope of innovation. Going well...


13 Apr 2007

The middle market companies in this study clearly believe that innovation will energise business growth. And when implemented well, they believe that innovation will be a driving force to achieve profit and sustain value. The study captured the obstacles as well as the opportunities from...

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