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29 Nov 2007

This paper investigates generational differences in Australian parents' desire for both a son and a daughter. The authors test the proposition that sex composition of existing children is an important factor in parental fertility decisions in low fertility societies, by comparing generations with different fertility...


17 Jul 2006

Heather Booth, Rob J. Hyndman, Leonie Tickle and Piet de Jong compare the short- to medium- term accuracy of five variants or extensions of the Lee-Carter method for mortality forecasting.


7 Jun 2006

Heather Booth reviews the performances of alternative approaches to demographic and population forecasting over the past 25 years.


20 Jul 2005

Using recent census data, Yohannes Kinfu finds that compared to the general population, Indigenous Australians are highly mobile and largely engaged in short rather than long distance migration.


11 Jul 2005

Analysing a survey of 1324 young women, Ann Evans examines the factors that influence a decision whether or not to terminate a pregnancy.

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