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5 Dec 2016

As Fabians we believe in harnessing the power of the state to drive social and economic progress, and to protect our community and environment from exploitation.

Now, more than ever we need a skilled and motivated public sector to continue the social democratic project...

Discussion paper

10 May 2012

Maurice Glasman, the founder of Blue Labour, would perhaps see some irony in having his ideas discussed in a Fabian Society forum. He is certainly hostile to the statism associated with English Fabianism in its classical era. Glasman also rejects much of the vocabulary of...


21 Mar 2012

Ian McAllister, Distinguished Professor of Political Science at ANU and a former Director of ANU’s Research School of Social Sciences, discusses the Australian Election Study (AES) and its implications for the ALP. The AES has surveyed Australian public opinion on politics following each federal election...


23 Feb 2012

Listen to the Federal Member for Wills, Kelvin Thomson MP discuss on the great population debate.

Kelvin is a former member of the ALP Front Bench and has been at the forefront of the debate since his speech to the Federal Parliament of Australia,...


24 Aug 2009

In this speech delivered by Maxine McKew at the NSW Fabians Forum as part of the ALP National Conference fringe events on 31 July 2009, she says:

"I’m aware that gender roles in Labor politics is a galvanising topic. It has been over the...

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