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Report of the Task Force on the Commercialisation of Research
1 Nov 1991

The purpose of this report is to examine why Australia has a poor record of exploiting the commercial benefits of research and to suggest ways of gaining more economic benefit from Australian research.


21 Nov 1977

This controversial Royal Commission from the 1970s found that many Australian families were failing to protect their most valuable members, and helped change the shape of public discussion around families, gender and sexuality.

This is the first time a digitised version of the Royal...


25 Aug 1977

The CSIRO is a research organisation with a number of outstanding successes over the last fifty years. Nevertheless, it exists to serve the interests of the community, rather than those of the scientists in it, and must not be allowed to lose touch with community...


17 Jan 1975

This White Paper issued by the Australian government flows from the most intensive and extensive review ever conducted of science and technology in this country.


15 Sep 1974

This report on the science and technology problems of Australia is expected to be the last, or almost, of the series of country examinations of science policy of the OECD Member states. It has differed in detail from earlier cases, owing to the short time...

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