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23 Oct 2015

Adam Ferguson (1723–1816) was a leading figure of the Scottish Enlightenment but his fame has long been eclipsed by those of his contemporaries, David Hume and Adam Smith. As Lisa Hill discusses in her review article on Iain McDaniel's book Adam Ferguson in the Scottish...

Book review

19 Oct 2015

We are accustomed to the idea that single families control a number of our largest firms. In Australia the Murdochs in media, the Lowys in retail and Gina Rinehart and her estranged children in the resources sector occupy us in the business, social, and occasionally...

Book review

9 Oct 2015

There are many intermediate steps in the move from a snapshot comparison of the distribution of taxation and benefits in Australia and the United Kingdom to a life course perspective. Taking time into account over the short and medium terms shows us the impact of...

Book review

2 Oct 2015

Much comparative analysis in social policy uses ‘snapshots’ of what different kinds of households receive and contribute in a given year. But household and individual circumstances change over time. Some changes happen as life takes its course: for example, children begin life as receivers, but...

Book review

25 Sep 2015

The welfare states of Australia and the United Kingdom share much, but not everything, as the first article in this series comparing the two countries showed. In this instalment, focus shifts to how taxes, cash benefits and services in-kind, such as health, education and housing,...

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