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11 Dec 2019

This paper is the first in a two-part series on the Net-Zero Challenge , which assesses the state of global climate action through the lens of corporations, governments, and civil society. While there are clear signs of incremental progress, climate action needs to move at...


20 Nov 2019

This report, on barriers to refugee employment, calls on the government to consider measures including employer education programs as ways of encouraging firms to hire and retain humanitarian migrants.


8 Dec 2018

The World Economic Forum’s system initiative “Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare” aims to provide answers to the question: How can the world deliver affordable and quality healthcare for nearly 9.7 billion people by 2050?


A report for the Independent Review of the Australian Public Service (APS) prepared by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
15 Oct 2018

The Australian Government commissioned an Independent Review of the Australian Public Service (APS) to ensure it is fit-for-purpose to serve Australian governments and the Australian people, now and into the future. The APS Review Secretariat engaged The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to undertake a scenario...


12 Feb 2018

The “Value in Healthcare - Mobilizing cooperation for health system transformation” highlights three drivers of health system transformation:

New models for multi-stakeholder cooperation: A pilot project on preventing heart failure with 40 healthcare stakeholders in Atlanta has united efforts to focus on heart failure...

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