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Briefing paper

12 Mar 2019

This paper continues the conversation about localism in New Zealand, and considers the degree of autonomy from central government that local government has in undertaking its role.

Briefing paper

26 Feb 2019

The National Archival and Library Institutions Ministerial Group (NALI) is beginning to reveal some of its thinking about the future of Archives New Zealand and the National Library of New Zealand.

Briefing paper

19 Feb 2019

Every year around Waitangi Day there is debate about what the day is, and whether it should continue as it is. So what is Waitangi Day? Is it a day of protest? A day of commemoration? A day of celebration? A day at the beach?...

Briefing paper

27 Nov 2018

This paper discusses New Zealand's centralised political system, and considers what this means for local government reform.

Briefing paper

6 Nov 2018

This briefing paper considers the legacies of the New Zealand Wars and how they feature in the national consciousness.

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