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24 May 2010

Fisheries co-management is of increasing interest to governments, the fishing industry, fisheries managers and scientists because of its potential to improve the sustainability and efficiency of fisheries management.

This report investigates appropriate program evaluation for fisheries co-management in Australia.

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9 Apr 2010

This report describes current and future biotechnology techniques, applications and products that can contribute to preventing or minimising the impact of pests and diseases on Australian agriculture.

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5 Aug 2009

This review looks at factors that may influence organic soil carbon and issues facing its inclusion in a carbon trading scheme in the future.


11 Mar 2009

Australia has 147.4 million hectares of native forest and 1.97 million hectares of forestry plantations. Together these cover about 19% of the continent. This report contains up-to-date facts and figures about our forests and their management and shows – at a glance – the key...


7 Oct 2008

This report presents a summary of tasks completed as part of the Bureau of Rural Sciences Social Sciences Program contribution to the Water 2010 project. The Water 2010 project is an interdisciplinary cross-Bureau project aimed at addressing the information needed to further develop sound water...

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