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16 Jul 2009

IT’S NOT OFTEN that an article in an academic journal makes you think about the world in a different way. But one such article appeared late last year in Prometheus , an Australian-based journal that publishes a wide range of research on science, technology and...


29 Jun 2009

ACROSS MODERN DEMOCRACIES, there have been increasing public complaints that executive government is too powerful and too dominant. The concern is not new, but it has become more urgent as executive government increasingly controls and manipulates not only parliament but also the other institutions of...


23 Jun 2009

WHY DO governments budget? The official answer is that they budget for the same reason the rest of us do (well, some of us): to make plans for the future in financial form, and to monitor progress against those plans. In contrast to individuals, and...



8 Apr 2009

AUSTRALIA is one of the world’s oldest continuing democracies and certainly the first to create itself through the democratic mechanism of the referendum. The compatibility of federalism and democracy, however, is a question that has never been resolved and that has taken on new dimensions...



25 Mar 2009

THE QUEENSLAND Labor government was returned with a comfortable majority, albeit with a small majority of votes. But a huge swing and a hung Parliament was expected, so there will be months of reflection and soul-searching amongst practitioners and students of politics. A couple of...

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