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21 Jul 2017

This design issues report has been produced for the Referendum Council to identify the broad parameters of a First Nations Voice that may be enshrined in the Australian Constitution in a Referendum of the Australian people.


25 Jul 2007

This conference, themed "Strong Foundations: Rebuilding Social Norms in Indigenous Communities", challenges the predominant view that the 'answer' to Indigenous disadvantage in Australia (particularly in remote communities) lies exclusively in improving service delivery. Better services are important but will only go so far in addressing...


25 Jul 2007

The Cape York Welfare Reform Project aims to develop reformed incentives and appropriate enabling supports at the community level which catalyse the restoration of social norms in the Welfare Reform communities and ultimately in the whole Cape York region. The future that the Institute envisages...


19 Jun 2007

The Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership is working in partnership with the Australian government, the Queensland government and the Cape York Indigenous communities of Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale and Mossman Gorge with the objective of achieving comprehensive welfare reform.

The Cape York...


6 Jun 2007

Noel Pearson returns to Hope Vale and finds a stark improvement in conditions in the town since a visit earlier this year. The occasion was a ceremony for signing a new agreement on welfare reform initiatives centering on home ownership, between the Commonwealth government and...

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