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1 Mar 2016

As journalists around the world have become more vulnerable, their need for security tools has grown exponentially. There is no question that the digital world has made journalism a riskier profession. But it can also make it safer. Digital technology can offer tools to minimize...


9 Sep 2015

The media development community must rethink its approaches to public sector engagement in efforts to improve the environment for media systems in emerging and fragile democracies.


In the field of media development, the public sector is often viewed as a barrier...


26 Feb 2015

The example of a credible and sustainable independent online news operation in Malaysia suggests there are opportunities for online journalism in dozens of countries that restrict and control traditional media activities.


Malaysiakini, an online news platform operating in a country...


6 Jan 2015

This report finds that the transition to digital broadcasting, which has the power to bring new views and voices to the television airwaves, has yet to deliver those benefits in many developing countries.


A technology transition that has the power to...


15 Nov 2014

This report argues that much of the millions of dollars in international aid that the U.S. government spends annually to build the capacities of journalists around the world can be wasted unless the capacities of government officials to communicate openly are also improved.


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