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12 Sep 2019

This CSIS review examines recent trade agreements the United States entered into after the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and reveals that a number of them were modified after signing.


4 Sep 2019

There are deep interconnections between the U.S. and Chinese economies, and China has built its technology base on what it has acquired from the West. This report outlines the policy tools that the United States can use to mitigate risk while maintaining the openness that...


29 Aug 2019

Irregular migration exists because there are not enough opportunities for safety and prosperity at home and too few conventional means through which to remedy that lack of opportunity. This report aims to shine a light on irregular migration and contribute to an enormously consequential conversation....

Briefing paper

5 Aug 2019

There is growing concern about Iranian threats to Persian Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia. This briefing paper assesses the Iranian threat to Saudi Arabia by answering several questions. What types of strategies, tactics, and capabilities could Iran use against Saudi Arabia? What are potential critical...


24 Jul 2019

China’s National Defense in the New Era flags the fact that America and China are now competing superpowers, and that China’s growing military forces are developing to the point where they will be able to challenge the United States.