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8 Jun 2006

This special issue of the Economic and Labour Relations Review is devoted to an examination of the Workplace Relations Amendment (Work Choices) Act 2005. Many of the contributors, working in fields such as labour law, labour economics and industrial relations argue that Work Choices does...


13 Aug 2003

This paper shows that the conventional measure of real GDP underesti- mates the growth in real value added when the terms of trade improve. Thus, in New Zealand, where the terms of trade have been improving over the past 15 years, real GDP has underestimated...

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10 Jul 2003

The extensive literature on smoking behaviour has focused on numerous aspects such as the factors that influence the decision to start smoking and, for those who smoke, what factors influence their level of consumption and the decision to quit. This study considers the impact of...


10 Jul 2003

This study uses time series estimates of the long-run growth rates of 17 OECD countries, and argues that: there are few, if any, feasible policies available that have a significant effect on long run growth rates; and any policies that can raise national growth rates...

Conference paper

9 Jul 2003

In an increasingly globalised community it is becoming more difficult for governments to have large influence over, particularly, economic outcomes. To the extent that economic outcomes influence voting behaviour this has obvious electoral and political implications. Moreover, even if electoral outcomes are linked to issues...

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