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12 May 2005

There is no internationally accepted legal definition of terrorism. States often use the term in contradicting ways and their judgement of whether a terrorist act occurred depends on their interests or on the angle they view the situation from, rather than on an analysis of...

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14 Aug 2003

In this paper Andrew Schaap develops this theoretical argument through a consideration of the legal politics of reconciliation in Australia.


In societies divided by a history of political violence, political reconciliation depends on transforming a relation of enmity into one of...

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21 Jul 2003

The proposal that poverty ought to be regarded as a violation of human rights and therefore as a condition that ought to be abolished has been presented as 'a new paradigm in the fight against poverty'. In this essay Tom Campbell explores this proposal from...

Working paper

16 Jul 2003

Reconciliation is often discussed in terms of restoring moral community, initiated by the perpetrator's acknowledgement of the wrongfulness of his or her act, followed by remorse and reparation, which opens the way for forgiveness and, ultimately, the restoration of community. In this paper, Andrew Schaap...


2 Jul 2003

Do grown up children have obligations to their parents? Do the younger members of a society have obligations to their elders? Most people think that the question in both cases is answered by an appeal to the benefits which those now old conferred on the...

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