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5 Jan 2017

The Financial Consumer Rights Council (FCRC): Dignity and Debt Financial Difficulty and Getting Older initiative was designed to address the effectiveness of one-on-one financial counselling sessions with Older Persons, including provision of consumer advocacy and information about financial hardship protections to those entering aged care,...


29 Apr 2014

Evaluating an intensive intervention designed to end long-term homelessness, this report covers the 36 months outcomes of the Journey to Social Inclusion pilot program and follows on from two previous reports which examined outcomes after 12 and 24 months. The evaluation combined a traditional Randomised...


27 Aug 2012

Prepared for the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, this report provides background information for the evaluation of Street to Home programs being undertaken in Australian capital cities.


26 May 2010

Drawing on two small case studies, this paper argues that the implementation of two distinctive strategies currently used to recruit and retain paid care workers - salary sacrificing and traineeships - can produce unexpected and negative consequences for care workers.

The analysis illuminates the...


18 Jun 2008

The Stronger Families and Communities Strategy (SFCS) 2000-2004 was designed to help build family and community capacity to deal with challenges and take advantage of opportunities, with a special focus on those at-risk of social, economic and geographic isolation. It consisted of seven community-based linked...

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30 Apr 2015

Executive Summary: Journey to Social Inclusion was a three year pilot that provided intensive support designed to break the cycle of long-term homelessness. This report presents the social and economic outcomes of the J2SI pilot. It covers the three years the trial ran, and...

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