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18 Jan 2012

This paper exploits a brief period of asymmetric information during the implementation of Pennsylvania’s “report card” scheme for coronary artery bypass graft surgery to test for improvements in quality of care and selection of patients by health care providers.

During the first three years...

Discussion paper

15 Dec 2011

Australia is experiencing its largest mining boom for more than a century and a half. This paper explores, from a national perspective, important economic differences that arise when a mining boom, such as the current one, is generated by sustained export price increases (trading gains)...


12 Dec 2011

Single‐sex classes within coeducational environments are likely to modify students' risk‐taking attitudes in economically important ways. To test this, we designed a controlled experiment using first year college students who made choices over real‐stakes lotteries at two distinct dates. Students were randomly assigned...


12 Dec 2011

Measurement error in the constructed price of child care can explain why previous Australian studies have found partnered women's labour supply to be unresponsive to child care prices.

Through improved data and improved construction of the child care price variable, we find child care...

Discussion paper

22 Feb 2011

An adversarial game is used to model the amount of influence a firm has over a government regulator, and its equilibrium level of regulation, as a function of firm fundamentals.

The effective influence of a firm is identified as comprising both intrinsic and exerted...

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