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25 Aug 2008

While excessive drinking is associated with lower earnings through adverse health effects, absenteeism and low productivity, moderate alcohol consumption has been argued to generate positive wage effects. These positive wage premiums are usually expected to arise from the social effect of drinking and the benefcial...


21 Jul 2008

There has been a significant amount of literature on the relationship between household income and children’s health, and in particular, whether this relationship is constant as a child ages. That is, are there breaks in the income-health profile according to the age of the child?...


5 May 2008

Increasing obesity rates are a major public health concern in many countries, as the obese have significantly higher risks of developing serious illnesses such as type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, and various cancers. While it might be assumed that higher levels of obesity in...


23 Mar 2008

The overall objective of the paper is to model and econometrically analyze the impact of access costs (travel time to hospital) and quality of health care on the utilization of elective health services in public hospitals. The authors argue that patients might face a trade-off...


18 Mar 2008

This paper investigates the impact of policy shifts on disaggregated health expenditure-GDP relationship for Australia and the USA. In contrast to previous studies the disaggregation is at the level of type of service delivered and not at the level of source of expenditure. The authors'...

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