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The Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS) undertakes economic-modelling research for governments and businesses in many parts of the world.

We are the creators of Australia's best known large-scale economic models, ORANI, MMRF and TERM. Versions of these models have been developed for over 25 countries, including the USAGE model of the United States, the INDOTERM model of Indonesia, the CHINAGEM and SINOTERM models of the Peoples Republic of China and the VNET model of Vietnam.

CoPS' economic-modelling software, GEMPACK, is licensed to users in around 70 countries.

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16 Sep 2016

As the world works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it will need to burn less coal. As a result, the world will need less coal mines. In the lead up to the Paris climate talks in December 2015, President Anote Tong of Kiribati and other...

Working paper

13 Apr 2016

Modelling conducted at the Centre of Policy Studies using the Vic-Uni model of the Australian economy concurs with the finding that a cut in company tax would have a positive impact on the rate of growth of GDP. However, recognising that GDP is not the...


3 Feb 2009

The future effects of population ageing on the Australian economy have been widely canvassed in recent years, most notably in the two Intergenerational Reports produced by the Australian Treasury and in the Economic Implications of an Ageing Australia report produced by the Productivity Commission. These...


21 Aug 2008

The Commission’s conclusions concerning the welfare effects of reductions in automotive assistance are based on a faulty interpretation of their modelling results, according to this paper. Proposed reductions in automotive tariffs from their present low levels would be likely to generate a small economy-wide loss...


21 Aug 2008

For decades rural Australia has been discriminated against by industrial policies at home and agricultural protectionism abroad. While agricultural export taxation in poor countries had the opposite impact, recent reforms there mean that that offsetting effect on Australia has diminished. There has also been some...

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