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30 Oct 2014

This report documents the university's environmental and sustainability outcomes against the Global Reporting Initiative – the world benchmark for sustainability reporting. The report aims to:

identify sustainability issues impacting the environment and society as a result of Swinburne’s activities describe our sustainability journey –...


20 Aug 2010

This discussion paper outlines the challenges and opportunities for Swinburne University of Technology in responding to the emerging social inclusion policy agenda in Australia.

One of the significant policy agendas of both the State and Federal governments is Social...


22 Jun 2010

This Discussion Paper represents the first stage of an inquiry process into how best to achieve dual- sector cohesion. Observations and comments are based on: over forty formal interviews as well as many more informal discussions with educators and education professionals; an extensive review of...


3 Apr 2007

Australia, like many other countries around the world, needs to seriously consider how its tertiary (Higher Education and Vocational Education) system will effectively meet changing societal needs. As modern nations progressively become knowledge economies, the proportion of our population which progresses from secondary school to...

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