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The Chifley Research Centre is a public policy think tank and is the official think tank of the Australian Labor Party. 

The mission of the Chifley Research Centre is to promote a Labor culture of ideas and to develop informed, reformist public policy aimed at making Australia a fairer and more progressive country.

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Policy report

19 Nov 2018

This report calls for Australia to recommit to protection of the environment. Australia needs to reinvigorate its political commitment to protecting our natural heritage by creating powerful instruments that are fit for purpose in addressing the serious challenges presented this century.


21 Aug 2016

This report argues that Australia is well placed to resist the economic and political pressures which can make us more unequal over time. If we do this, our economy will grow strongly and middle Australia will see the benefits. The alternative – to go down...


1 Jan 2003

Regional Australia is at a crossroads and the globalisation process has brought a new focus on the exciting potential of many of Australias regions. It is concluded that new immigration measures can play a key role as part of the package of measures that are...

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