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27 Sep 2009

CANA member, ClientEarth , has completed an evaluation of the proposed CPRS and advises that the proposed target range leaves Australia open to allegations of breach of its international legal obligations under articles the World Heritage Convention, the UNFCCC and the Convention on Biological Diversity...


10 Aug 2009

The Climate Action Network Australia has prepared seven summary sheets to provide a clear track through the climate negotiations of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

These are designed for all people who would like to or are planning to attend the...


12 Sep 2008

On September 5, Professor Garnaut released his supplementary report on recommended emission reduction targets. While Garnaut concedes that we need to act prevent dangerous climate change, the low targets and high concentrations that his proposal allows risk causing exactly that.

This summary and members'...


27 Apr 2008

This paper outlines the key things to get right in an emissions trading scheme to ensure that it plays a role in preventing dangerous climate change.An emissions trading scheme could be an efficient and effective way to reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions, or it could...

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