Collections Council of Australia

Owning Institution

The Collections Council of Australia (CCA) was established by the former Cultural Ministers Council in 2004 to represent Australia's diverse archives, galleries, libraries and museums.

Following the closure of the CCA in April 2010, the Department of Communications and the Arts has become the custodian and copyright holder of several resources developed by the CCA for collecting organisations. These resources include the:

  • publication Significance 2.0: a guide to assessing the significance of collections
  • Significance 2.0 website, and
  • Australian Collecting Organisations Register (OzCOR), a comprehensive database of Australian collecting organisations and peak bodies.

Further information about the CCA and its previous activities can be found at its archived website.

Recently added resources


27 Jan 2010

This report looks at environmental, societal, cultural and economic sustainability issues of collecting organisations.

A set of pilot sustainability indicators is proposed, based on consultations with the directors and CEOs of some major South Australian collecting institutions, (including the Art Gallery of South Australia,...


20 Nov 2009

This publication focuses on the business and law of public collecting organisations in Australia. It is intended as a reference guide for public museums, libraries, archives and galleries in Australia.There are two options available to read this book: it can be viewed online, where the...


9 Mar 2009

Significance defines the meanings and values of a cultural heritage item or collection through research and analysis, and by assessment against a standard set of criteria.

Significance 2.0 outlines the theory, practice and many applications of the concept of significance in collection management....


14 Aug 2008

This 2008 report brings together information shared by people working in archives, galleries, libraries and museums at the Digital Collections Summit convened by the Collections Council of Australia in 2006.

It also incorporates feedback received in respect of the Australian Framework and Action Plan...

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