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11 Nov 2019

The ACT Community Services Directorate received over 40 submissions from individuals and organisations in response to their 2018 discussion paper. These highlighted several overarching themes, including a view that the dispensing with consent provisions should prioritise children’s best interests. Feedback from the submissions is outlined...


A strategy to address unequal access to justice in the ACT
9 Aug 2019

The three goals of the Disability Justice Strategy focus on the safety and rights of people with disability, the responsiveness of the justice system and how to go about achieving and measuring change.


22 Mar 2019

This report summarises the core issues and possible responses to address this disadvantage, and examines specific issues and options for the Disability Justice Strategy for the ACT.

Discussion paper

18 Dec 2018

This discussion paper aims to assist interested community members to contribute to the ACT Government’s exploration of provisions for dispensing with consent in the domestic adoption process.


12 Sep 2012

Across Australia - and around the world - communities and governments are changing the way they respond to children and young people who break the law. This shift has been away from systems that deal largely with the consequences of youth crime, towards ones that...

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