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Committee Inquiry – Competition and consumer amendment (prevention of exploitation of Indigenous cultural expressions) Bill 2019
15 Aug 2019

This submission is made on behalf of the Arts Law Centre of Australia, Indigenous Art Code and Copyright Agency, the creators of the 'Fake Art Harms Culture' campaign.

Discussion paper

15 Feb 2017

Consideration of a proposed Private Members Bill by the Member for Kennedy, the Hon Bob Katter MP, concerning ways to prevent the unfair exploitation and misuse of Indigenous cultural heritage, traditional knowledge and expression through legislative amendment to the Competition and Consumer Act.


22 Jul 2011

After almost two decades of hype and speculation predicting a digital book revolution, the last 12-18 months have seen some major developments that could herald a turning point in the broad adoption of digital publishing in Australia. Few could have missed the high profile launches...


23 Jul 2009

On Monday 29 June Michael Ross, Senior Vice President, Education General Manager at Encyclopaedia Britannica joined Australian Publishers Association Digital Chat series to speak about EB’s transition from print to digital and what business models have proven the most effective.

Michael Ross, Encyclopedia...


30 Apr 2008

Once every three years this Code comes under review, providing the general public with the opportunity to contribute to the operation of the Code. This is the report of the most recent review, held in February 2008

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