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30 Jan 2013

There is evidence that the style of supervision by juvenile justice workers can make a difference to the likelihood that young people under supervision will re-offend. This study aimed to examine the style of supervision offered by juvenile justice workers and how this relates to...


30 Jun 2012

This study examines the incidence of Indigenous driving offending in the Northern Territory since 2006 and assesses the effectiveness of law enforcement in addressing this crime. It seeks to ascertain alternative forms of regulating driver safety and whether they are better suited to Indigenous communities....


15 Nov 2005

The issue of custodial remand in Australia remains acute. More than a fifth of Australian prisoners are unsentenced ('remandees') at any one time. Depending on the jurisdiction, remandee numbers have increased by between 50% and 270% since 1995. However, Australian States and Territories remand people...

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