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1 Sep 2012

This review of the literature was conducted to provide an overview of changing communications in health promotion to inform the Falls Prevention Project of Country Health SA’s Local Health Network. The context is that falls health literacy information is being increasingly made available via digital...


2 Feb 2009

The Public and Environmental Health Act 1987 and the Food Act 2001 provide the basis for Local Government public and environmental health activities and reporting in South Australia. Under these Acts, Local Government and SA Health are required to prepare and submit annual reports on...


27 Mar 2008

Young and Female: Using linked data to profile service use explores characteristics of service use by young female clients from the Clients in Common dataset across the health and community services sector in Metropolitan Adelaide, and selected areas of South Australia. Analysing the Clients in...


18 May 2007

An outline of programs to address inequality in the health and wellbeing of people in South Australia, this report contains a rich source of stories about efforts to tackle inequality including case studies from the education, justice, housing, health and non-government sectors. It highlights the...

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