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For workers supporting women's safety in Victoria
3 Dec 2018

The Lookout is a place where Victorian family violence workers and other professionals in universal and mainstream services can find information, evidence-based resources and services to help them respond to family violence.

The Lookout has been developed by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria...


30 May 2018

People working in respectful relationships education and the prevention of violence against women use specific phrases, acronyms and jargon. Many of these terms are similar or have overlapping definitions; it can be challenging for new workers to understand this language.

That’s why we’ve developed...


1 Mar 2012

The paper outlines international literature, previously unreleased data from the Australian Institute of Criminology's National Homicide Monitoring Program and case examples of fathers and mothers who have killed their children. While these deaths are often described in the media as 'inexplicable', this new...


14 Feb 2011

Over the past decade or so, pornography has become both more mainstream and more hardcore.

Technology has played a significant role in these shifts. For young people growing up in this era of ever-new and accessible technology, it is almost impossible to avoid exposure...


30 Dec 2009

For a perpetrator of domestic violence, one of the most effective ways to hurt and control his partner is to undermine her mothering.

This Discussion Paper reviews the research on mothering and fathering in the context of domestic violence. It finds that women are...

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