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23 Oct 2012

Looking into the Australian culture of drinking and the correlations it has with crime numbers. Four out of five Australians aged over 14 years report being recent drinkers and one in five report drinking seven or more drinks on a single occasion at least monthly....


2 Jul 2010

Australia has long been known as a multicultural society. In 2009 around one-quarter of Australia’s population was born overseas and immigrants come from more than 200 countries. While most of Australia’s migrants come from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, India or China, the fastest-growing immigrant...


12 Apr 2010

The total number of people killed on Australian roads in 2006 was 1601, with a further 31 204 people suffering serious injuries. Many factors are believed to contribute to traffic accidents, including drug and alcohol use, fatigue and speed. This paper examines the impact of...


15 Jun 2009

This paper examines the new National Health and Medical Research Council alcohol guidelines and issues related to communicating these to the wider community.

Preventing or minimising the adverse impact of alcohol on the community is an ongoing challenge. Many strategies, approaches and initiatives aimed...

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